We look after our environment for future generations.

Ethos Building are a Master Builders Green Living Builder. We are passionate about sustainability. Ethos recognise the lasting and permanent presence of our work activities and strive to protect the environment by upholding effective and efficient environmental and sustainable practices as part of everyday business. We adopt industry best practice for sustainability, including recycling of waste materials removed from our sites such as masonry, timber, glass, plasterboard, concrete and metal, and are always seeking out new and better ways to reduce waste. 


Master Builders Green Living Builders are up to date with the latest technology and practices in sustainable building advice on both renovation and new building construction. They are required to maintain their knowledge and sustainable building standards by submitting annual reports to the Master Builders, so you know you are using a builder who has been recognised for their leadership in the delivery of high-quality sustainable solutions.


We promote communication and consultation between management, staff, contractors and suppliers regarding our common goals of environmental management. We take our sustainable approach from our work sites through to our paperless office, and even our promotional activities where we proactively seek to find sustainable options to avoid contributing to landfill, such as partnering with KeepCup to produce Ethos Building reusable travel cups.

Green Ivy on Stone Wall