Ethos Response  

While coronavirus is having a huge impact on our community, our work and how we live our daily lives, Ethos Building is still operating in full capacity and we’re here to help our clients more than ever in this challenging time.

Ethos Building are known within the insurance industry for our ability to solve complex problems, providing the highest quality work and for putting our customers first. This is our ethos, and will remain unchanged.


Ethos Building has an agile business model, capable of moving quickly to implement new processes and procedures as required to best serve our customers. Our infrastructure was designed to support working remotely, and as a passionate Master Builders Green Living builder, from inception we have maintained a paperless office. While our entire team is now working from home to support social distancing, we are still able to operate at full capacity with no impact to our service delivery. We have implemented our COVID safe plan in line with government requirements - this can be downloaded below.


We have a close-knit team, and their health and wellbeing is our utmost priority. We have successfully implemented measures to ensure that we can continue to provide our usual high level service, whilst maintaining social distancing to help flatten the curve.


Office based staff have relocated our existing infrastructure to their home offices, meaning no downgrade in capability. For the estimating and supervising teams, we are visiting sites as required in line with the government’s guidelines and have successfully deployed mobile technology to video chat to any insured who is uncomfortable with home visits or is in self isolation.


As a team we are keeping in close communication via twice daily video conference calls, with a third video conference held within each division. Staff remain abreast of each other’s portfolios and are able to support each other as required.



Nothing has changed, it is business as usual. We can still quote your jobs, and in doing so our focus is making our customers feel safe and comfortable.

We have developed strategies using a combination of risk management, process and technology to achieve this. We offer a staged approach of options tailored to each specific claim, following initial triage/review of each claim from an Ethos senior staff member.


We are still completing site inspections to suit the needs of the job and our customers, however a risk assessment is completed on all jobs and additional precautionary steps are being taken.


These steps are clearly communicated to the customer in advance, to ensure they understand and are comfortable with our approach.


Ethos Building will continue to provide the highest level of quality and service to our customers, ensure the wellbeing of our team members and trades, and support the businesses that support us.

Trades & Suppliers

Our trades are amongst the best in the business, renowned not just for their quality craftsmanship but also their exceptional customer service. In response to COVID19, we have implemented clearly defined processes for maintaining regular contact with insureds on all active jobs to confirm they are still supportive of us working in their homes.


We are in weekly communication with our trade base with additional ad hoc daily contact with individual trades to support the sharing of daily work practices in this changed environment.

We are proactively keeping in regular communication with our key supplier representatives to best ensure the availability of materials, in addition to working through alternative strategies to maintain supply chain while also minimising close physical contact for our trades, staff and customers.


We have clearly defined works schedules and practices on site to avoid physical contact and rolled out a clear set of instructions and guidelines to our trade base, which we have summarised as follows:

Empathy (For each other, our community, our customers)

Timing (Be on time, and as scheduled. Call 30 mins before arrival)

Hand washing (Bring the equipment with you; wash hands, wear gloves)

Observe (Physical distancing, changing conditions, potential risk)

Symptoms? Don’t come to work. Period.