Ensuring integrity, safety, and quality.

Policies for ethical operations and compliance ensuring a principled and safe workplace for everyone.

Anti-bribery, Corruption & Fraud Policy

Our policy strictly prohibits bribery, corruption, and fraud, ensuring all employees act ethically and lawfully, maintaining transparency and integrity in all operations.

Conflict of Interest Policy

This policy mandates that employees avoid any situation that may conflict with the company's interests or impact their decision-making impartially.

Environmental & Waste Management Policy

Our policy promotes sustainable practices and responsible waste management to minimize environmental impact and foster ecological sustainability.

Smoke Free Workplace Policy

This policy establishes a smoke-free environment within all company premises to ensure a healthy and safe workplace for all employees and visitors.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy upholds the confidentiality and security of personal information, complying with applicable data protection laws and fostering trust with our stakeholders.

 Modern Slavery Policy

We are committed to eradicating modern slavery and human trafficking from our operations and supply chain, ensuring dignity and respect for all individuals.

Vulnerable Customer Policy

We prioritize the protection of vulnerable customers, ensuring they receive considerate and tailored services that respect their circumstances.

Whistleblower Policy

We provide a secure and confidential platform for employees to report unethical behavior, with protections from retaliation and a commitment to address all concerns.

Complaint Handling Policy

We are dedicated to resolving complaints efficiently and fairly, ensuring all grievances are addressed promptly and transparently.

Driving positive change.

Sustainability is a fundamental part of our operating model. Ethos Building & Restoration are the only Master Builders Green Living accredited insurance builder in Victoria. We adopt industry best practices for sustainability and are constantly seeking further initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of the claims we manage. We have established our own waste management facility that facilitates the repurposing of salvaged materials. In addition, we recycle/redirect landfill waste removed from our sites, including concrete masonry, timber, glass, plasterboard and metal. Recycling/redirecting from landfills is not only beneficial for the environment, but it also reduces the overall cost of claims as the expense of waste disposal is rapidly increasing.

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