Leading the way in green construction.

Driving positive change.

Sustainability is a fundamental part of our operating model. Ethos Building & Restoration are the only Master Builders Green Living accredited insurance builder in Victoria. We adopt industry best practices for sustainability and are constantly seeking further initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of the claims we manage. We have established our own waste management facility that facilitates the repurposing of salvaged materials. In addition, we recycle/redirect landfill waste removed from our sites, including concrete masonry, timber, glass, plasterboard and metal. Recycling/redirecting from landfills is not only beneficial for the environment, but it also reduces the overall cost of claims as the expense of waste disposal is rapidly increasing.

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"What I really liked about Ethos was the regular updating of progress, and I'm very happy with the completed job. Special thanks to Travis."


"When I received the claim the Insured’s, an elderly couple, were very distressed due to the inaction from previous parties. Nonetheless, I immediately allocated Ethos who have gone above and beyond since the claim has been allocated.  Aaron offered to call the customer direct and because of this we have managed to restore the Insured’s faith in (us)  and their trust in the claim process.  Please note this is just one of many positive comments I’ve received from Ethos and just wanted to pass this one on as the Insured also requested we pass on the positive feedback as well."

Loss Adjusting Firm Internal Claims Adjuster

"We were very happy with the quality of the work and the professionalism of the company staff."


We have adopted these initiatives, which 
are reinforced in our Environmental Policy:

Ethos dedicated waste management facility that facilitates the repurposing of salvaged materials.

Recycling/redirecting from landfill the waste removed from our sites, including concrete, masonry, timber, glass, plasterboard and metal.

Preference for remediation over replacement via in-house restoration services.

A shift to non-toxic plant-based chemicals and, wherever possible, sourcing products that are not harmful to the environment.

Transition to electric vehicles.

Purchase of locally produced consumable products to reduce environmental impact by way 
of a smaller carbon footprint.

Partnering with 100% Green energy retailers.

Maintaining a 99% paperless office and recycling of office waste such as coffee grinds and organic waste, paper and cardboard.

Partnering with environmentally responsible promotional suppliers such as Keep Cup and Frank Green to raise awareness and reduce landfill.